Comportements alimentaires

France, Europe, the United States: what eating means to us : an interview with Claude Fischler and Estelle Masson, about the new volume published by Odile Jacob.

Publié le 16/01/2008

“EATING. French, European and American Attitudes toward Food.”

Publisher Odile Jacob has just brought out a new book by Claude Fischler and Estelle Masson. It discusses the findings of an international comparative study on attitudes towards food, the body and health. The survey, instigated by Claude Fischler and Maggy Bieulac-Scott with the help of researchers from each of the countries involved, was carried out on 7,000 people in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England and the United States. The results provide a better grasp on the differences, specific characteristics and common features of the populations studied. A more general objective of understanding current trends and throwing light on questions of public health guided the study.

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