Comportements alimentaires

Food culture in France

Publié le 23/06/2009
Éditeur : Greenwood Presse
Nombre de pages : 197

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Many Americans have their choice of international cuisines when eating out, and ethnic ingredients and produce are easier to find locally for cooking at home. Interest in the foods, food history, and eating culture of other countries has grown exponentially as well. What more accessible way is there to learn about a culture than how its people satisfy and glorify a basic human need? “The Food Culture around the World” series offers individual volumes on a country or regional cuisine for which information is most in demand. These are ideal for country studies for student assignments and for enhancing a foodie’s cultural knowledge. All are authored by food historians specializing in the country or region’s cuisine. Each volume is arranged topically or by group, with chapter essays that analyze the role food and food rituals play in the culture and society.