Comportements alimentaires

Revolution at the table

Publié le 13/04/2003
Éditeur : Oxford University Press Hardcover
Nombre de pages : 275

The Transformation of the American Diet

“One of the most interesting and informative indexes into the nature of American culture, this book opens the eyes to the pages of American cultural history which are often taken for granted : we are what we eat but we often don’t try to understand why we eat what we eat… The book should be on the table of every one interested in food, gastronomically or educationally! Bon appetit!”
Journal of American Culture, Review

“Lively, instructive, and judgmental, Levenstein ponders the complex array for forces, including hygiene and home economics, Prohibition and promotioanl advertising, class structure and war involved in changing the American diet toward greater homogeneity between 1880 and 1930.”
James Harvey Young, Emory University