Comportements alimentaires


Publié le 29/04/2009
Éditeur : Harper Collins Publisher
Nombre de pages : 238

The untold story of how milk, meat, and muscle shaped the world

“Even as a beef lover, I was skeptical that hundreds of pages on the subject of beef could be so riveting. Bravo on giving us a great read punctuated with serious scholarship, passion, and good humor. I am sated.”
Annie B. Copps, Yankee magazine

Beef… is like the perfectly cooked steak, a rare thing. It combines intelligence with accessibility and superb research with genuine enthusiasm. It will make you think twice about what beef you buy and where you buy it. Most of all, however, it will make you want to go and eat a large steak, rib eye, of course, and there can be no higher compliment.”
Simon Majumdar, author of Eat My Globe : One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything

Beef tells the remarkable story of the cow and the effect it has had on culture—be it religion, food, war, or economy. This wonderful book gives us a greater understanding of the history—and importance—of cattle.”
Todd English, chef and restaurateur