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Ocha Symposium World Milk Cultures, Paris, May 6th and 7th, 2010

Publié le 19/02/2010

Ocha Symposium World Milk Cultures, Paris National Museum of Natural HistoryParis, May 6th and 7th, 2010.
A bilingual symposium in French and in English

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  • 1/ The Ocha symposium World Milk Cultures
  • Throughout the ages, throughout the world, dairy cultures have helped to structure and weave together our history and our societies. Raw or transformed, fresh or fermented, plain or prepared, in all its forms milk is an indispensable nutriment the world over. Milk has been a structuring element in various human histories, rooted in systems of social, cultural, and economic relations and specific geographic areas.
  • The Ocha international symposium World Milk Cultures symposium offers a journey through this diversity: diversity of dairy species, diversity of breeding systems and the lands on which they develop, diversity of dairy products, their representations and uses, and lastly, diversity of people that produce, process, create and innovate. “World Milk Cultures” presents the multiple facets of Milk Cultures through a variety of perspectives, disciplines and places : archeozoology, prehistory, zootechny and agronomy, biochemistry, economiy, greography, ethnology and anthropology, sociology …
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  • 3/ Speakers bio-bibliographical notices
    • Janick Auberger, Professor of classical antiquity at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.
    • Catherine Baroin, Research director with the CNRS/UMR 7041/Equipe Afrique/University of Paris X, France, anthropologist specialized in the Toubou.
    • Dominique Barjolle, Agronomist, AGRIDEA, Lausanne, Swiss.
    • Jean Boutrais, Geographer, research director with the IRD in Paris.
    • Sarah Bowen, Sociologist at North Carolina State University, USA.
    • Michel Bras, Chef, in Aubrac, France.
    • Djiby Dia, PhD in geography, Researcher at the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research, Senegal, Africa.
    • Angelica Espinoza Ortega, Anthropologist, Institute for Agricultural and Rural Sciences at the Independent University of the State of Mexico, (UAEM).
    • Allen J. Grieco, Historian, Senior Research Associate, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Florence, Italy.
    • Bernard Faye, Veterinarian, PhD from the University of Paris XII and Accreditation to Direct Research (HDR), INRA research engineer assigned to the CIRAD.
    • Frédéric Gaucheron, PhD in molecular biochemistry with the CNRS in Orléans. Scientific advisor for the national “LAIT” platform team with INRA in Rennes, France.
    • Suresh Gokhale, Veterinarian, he is research director at the BAIF Development Research Foundation, India.
    • Bertrand Hervieu, Inspector-General for Agriculture, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Paris.
    • Gaukhar Konuspayeva, Professor of biochemistry and immunology in the Kazakh National Al-Farabi University (KazNU, Almaty, Kazakhstan)
    • Jean-Louis Le Quellec, Anthropologist, Research director with the CNRS at the Centre d’Etudes des Mondes Africains, Toulouse, France.
    • Giuseppe Licitra, Professor of zootechnology at the Faculty of Agriculture and teaches in the department of tropical and
      subtropical agriculture in Ragusa, Italy.
    • Alessia Ranciaro, Geneticist, post-doc at the University of Pennsylvania, USA
    • Françoise Sabban, Sinologist and director of studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris
    • Ysé Tardan-Masquelier, PhD in the history of religions, she teaches the history of Hinduism at INALCO and the Institut Catholique in Paris.
    • Jean-Denis Vigne, Research director with the CNRS, director of the archéozoology laboratory at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle and the CNRS, France.
    • Kohmei Wani, PhD in Agriculture and a graduate of the University of Maryland (USA).
    • Zelalem Yilma, PhD in the science and technology of nutrition from the University of Montpellier, France…
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  • Pictures :
  • First picture : Traditional drinking yogurts in a Beijing store © P.Bourgault/Cniel
  • Second picture : Traditional chinese yogurt © All rights reserved