International Conference : “Food Consumption, Child Culture and Education” – In Angouleme, France – April, 1st and 2nd 2010 – DEADLINE : 1ST OCTOBER 2009 !


Call for papers for the conference organized by the CeRCA, the CERGE, the CERTOP, François – Rabelais University of Tours, the CNRS, Cultures et Sociétés en Europe, Experice, Danone Research, the Fabricants de Buiscuits et Gâteaux de France et the INC.

Deadline for paper submissions in English or in French : 1st october 2009 !

We welcome all papers that relate to the themes of food products for children, child consumption, child culture and education. The conference is relatively open in terms of disciplinary fields, themes and methodologies. The following list of potential themes is proposed for information only but is not in any way exhaustive:

  • Representation and categorisation of foods by children
  • Fun and food products for children
  • The place of food products in child culture
  • The child’s role in the family decision-making process with regard to food Food socialisation for children
  • Purchase behaviour of children with regard to food products
  • Commercial outlets and children’s food products
  • Adult responsibility and the child’s agency in food practices
  • Communications and advertising for food products aimed at children
  • Food products, children and new media
  • Innovation in the marketplace in processed food products designed for children
  • The risks and benefits in children’s food products
  • The history of food products for children
  • Policies and strategies for food education
  • Public and media messages on children and foods
  • Food in the cultural industries of childhood
  • Corporate social responsibility and food products for children
  • Regulation and self-regulation in the processed foods markets aimed at children
  • Research methods for food products for children
  • The aim of this two-day conference is to promote an in-depth dialogue between specialists from different disciplinary fields in order to highlight the various issues that relate to food products for children in society today.
  • This conference will amalgamate recent research studies aiming to identify more clearly the issues involved in the evolution of the marketplace, the conception of products, food practices and uses, as well as the opinions of different institutions regarding children’s foods. Thus, the conference is open to contributions from all disciplines of Human, Economic and Social Sciences, and will include contributions from the fields of history, psychology, sociology, management, and communication sciences.
  • Furthermore, the two days will also provide the opportunity for close debate between researchers in Social Sciences and professionals from companies manufacturing food products for children, in round table discussions of topical issues.
  • For all enquiries relating to the organisation of the conference, please contact :
  • Maxine JOHNSON
    +335 45 21 25 26
  • Inés de LA VILLE
    +335 45 21 23 27
  • European Centre for Children’s Products (CEPE/IAE)
    186 rue de Bordeaux
    16025 ANGOULEME Cedex