“Food and the Literary Imagination” – Call for Papers (Deadline: October 31, 2005)


Food and the Literary Imagination
Call for Papers Deadline: October 31, 2005

The Critic, the journal of the College English Association, is preparing a special issue on Food and the Literary Imagination.
Scholars interested are invited to submit essays of 5,000 words.
Topics are flexible and may include such as:

  • food as symbol;
  • food and character or theme;
  • food and ideology;
  • conversation at meals;
  • cultural preferences, taboos, and social roles;
  • food and social currency;
  • food and sexuality;
  • food, fasting, and spirituality,
  • and of course, the pleasure of it all.

For further information, contact Walter Levy : wlevy129@aol.com