2nd International Research Symposium by the Institut Paul Baucuse – Lyon, France – The 5th of June, 2009


The objective of the annual symposium of the Institut Paul Bocuse’s food and Hospitality Research Center is to present on-going projects while exchanging knowledge with other expert speakers and participants. This year, the conference will address attractiveness of food and service from different points of view (Grand Chef and researchers), different contexts (institutions and restaurants) and concerning different clients (adults and children).

Introduction conference : culinary workshops in penitentiary centres
Thierry Marx, Chef, Château Cordeillan-Bages (France)

Understanding the role of people in the hospitality business
Nigel Hemmington, auckland University of technology (New Zealand)

The role of verbal and non verbal language in customer / waiter relationships
Clémentine Hugol-Gential, student in the Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon (France)

Hungry in hospital, healthy in prisons
Heather Hartwell, University of Bournemouth (United Kingdom)

Food in hospitals : what could be done to solve current problems ?
Bernard Guy-Grand, la pitié-salpetrière (France)

How to overcome neophobia and develop vegetable acceptance ?
Patricia Pliner, University of Toronto (Canada)

Vegetable texture preference of 8 to 11 year old children
David Morizet, student in the Institut Paul Bocuse, Bonduelle (France)

Writing claims for children
Ambroise Martin, University Lyon (France)

Comparing institutional attractiveness to other eating places – Concluding conference
Herb Meiselman (United States)

Concluding remarks and discussions
Martine Laville, president of Institut Paul Bocuse’s scientific board

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